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Representative Hayes and Representative Stoddard laughing together on the House Floor


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February 19, 2024

Utah House Minority Leader Angela Romero on Natalie Cline’s Decision to Seek Re-election


“I am deeply disappointed by Natalie Cline’s decision to seek re-election for the Utah State School Board. While she has a history of targeting marginalized communities, an action often argued to be protected by freedom of speech, her latest move crossed a line. She targeted a child on social media, which led to censure by her colleagues and the state legislature. 


When individuals are elected, they are entrusted with positions of authority and are expected to adhere to higher standards. Unfortunately, her recent action failed to meet those standards, which is why I had a substitute resolution drafted to start the impeachment process. 


I sincerely hope that Utah voters will hold her accountable and demonstrate that such behavior is unacceptable by voting her out in the upcoming election.”


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