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Angela Romero at event taking place at the Utah state Capitol.


Angela Romero

Representative  Romero

District 25

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Representative Angela Romero represents House District 25 in the Utah State Legislature and is currently the House Minority Leader. She heads the first all-female House minority leadership team in the Utah State Legislature.


At the state legislature, Representative Romero has been a champion for women and children. Representative Romero works on legislation for victim’s rights, human trafficking, and sexual assault and domestic violence prevention. During her service, Representative Romero successfully passed the Prison Rape Elimination Act and the Statewide Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence Prevention Program appropriation request of 3.6 million dollars. She also worked diligently to secure funding to end the rape test kit backlog. Representative Romero also sponsored legislation creating Utah’s Murdered and Missing Indigenous Relatives Task Force.


Outside her legislative capacity Representative Romero works with local government, overseeing community programs and initiatives in the Division of Youth and Family Programs, including supervising the YouthCity Government Program and My Brother’s Keeper. Representative Romero is dedicated to ensuring youth have access to the political process and civic engagement.


  • Education Interim Committee

  • Ethnic Studies Commission

  • Executive Appropriations Committee

  • Federalism Commission

  • House Education Committee

  • House Ethics Committee

  • House Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Committee

  • Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee​

  • Legislative Management Committee

  • Murdered and Missing Indigenous Relatives Task Force

  • Native American Legislative Liaison Committee


HB0018 - Online Dating Safety Amendments

HB0019 - Rape Crisis Center Modifications

HB0115 - Child Abuse Reporting Revisions

HB0271 - Educator Salaries Adjustments Increase

HB0310 - Abortion Penalty Amendments

HJR004 - Joint Resolution Honoring the Sikh Community

PO BOX 25732, SALT LAKE CITY, UT, 84125

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