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Representative Owens speaking at an event

Doug Owens

Representative Owens

District 33

Doug Owens started representing District 33's residents in 2021. He serves on several important legislative committees, including the Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Appropriations Subcommittee, the House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Standing Committee, and the House Revenue and Taxation Standing Committee. Additionally, he has been appointed to the Justice Court Reform Task Force and the Legislative Water Development Commission.

Representative Owens is dedicated to enhancing education, bolstering Utah's economy, safeguarding our air quality, and preserving the unique aspects of Utah that make it special. In his legislative capacity, he has introduced bills aimed at preserving the Great Salt Lake and Utah's water resources. He also works tirelessly to ensure that Utah's Tribal Nations have a strong connection with elected officials and places a high priority on conserving public lands. Representative Owens serves as the co-chair of the Great Salt Lake Caucus and the Bipartisan Clean Air Caucus.

Outside of his legislative duties, Representative Owens is an attorney with over thirty years of experience in resolving intricate commercial, environmental, and employment disputes. He was born and raised in Salt Lake City, holds degrees from the University of Utah and Yale Law School, and lives in Millcreek with his wife, Cynthia Smart Owens. Furthermore, he is the founder of Utah Outdoor Partners, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the value of Utah's outdoor spaces and advocating for the development of parks, trails, and recreational infrastructure to keep pace with the state's population growth.


  • House Ethics Committee

  • House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee

  • House Revenue and Taxation Committee

  • Justice Court Reform Task Force

  • Legislative Water Development Commission

  • Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Interim Committee

  • Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Interim Committee

  • Retirement and Independent Entities Interim Committee


HB0272 - Water Efficient Landscaping Amendments

HB0274 - Adopt-the-outdoors Program Amendments

HB0280 - Local Government Construction Project Bid Notice

HB0482 - Archaeological Resources Amendments

HB0503 - Shooting Range Requirements

HB0538 - Water Usage Amendments

HB0551 - Bias Incident Reporting

PO Box 91072,

Millcreek, UT, 84109

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