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Representative Lesser


Rosemary Lesser

Representative Lesser

District 10

Rosemary Lesser has served with distinction in the Utah House of Representatives since assuming office in January 2021. Her constituency encompasses House District 10, covering southern Weber County, including Ogden, South Ogden, Washington Terrace, and Riverdale. Within the Democratic caucus, she has earned the trust of her colleagues and was elected to the leadership team, assuming the role of caucus manager since January 2023.

As a veteran and one of the few physicians in the Legislature, Representative Lesser brings a unique and valuable perspective to her advocacy for the people of District 10. Her legislative priorities are deeply rooted in her extensive experience as an obstetrician/gynecologist, where she recognized the limitations of Medicaid coverage. In response, she sponsored legislation to extend care coverage for a year after childbirth and has been a staunch advocate for aligning Medicaid coverage for pregnancy care with national standards. Additionally, she has co-sponsored legislation aimed at simplifying the process of property tax exemption for disabled veterans. Notably, Representative Lesser has taken the lead in sponsoring legislation to eliminate the state sales tax on groceries, a measure that will be put to a vote in 2024. Beyond her legislative duties, she takes pride in her support for various community organizations focusing on the arts, public health, and assistance for those impacted by domestic violence.

Representative Lesser shares her life with her husband, Dave, and together they are the parents of six children and the doting grandparents of ten grandchildren. They share a love for sailing, whether on the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean or the serene waters of Willard Bay. Representative Lesser also enjoys exploring the trails of the Wasatch Mountains during her outdoor pursuits. When indoors, she and Dave frequently attend theater and music concerts, with Representative Lesser recently adding pickleball to her repertoire, participating with grace as a newcomer among the legislative team from the Utah House Representatives.


  • Executive Appropriations Committee

  • Health and Human Services Interim Committee

  • House Health and Human Services Committee

  • House Political Subdivisions Committee

  • Legislative Management Committee

  • Legislative Process Committee

  • Native American Legislative Liaison Committee

  • Retirement and Independent Entities Interim Committee

  • Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee


HB0084 - Postpartum Medicaid Coverage Amendments

HB0085 - Pregnancy Medicaid Coverage Amendments

HB0137 - State Crustacean Designation

HB0172 - Food Sales Tax Modifications

HB0530 - Nursing Education Program Amendments

1145 E 4600 S #150156,
Ogden, UT, 84415

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