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Photo of Representative Briscoe sitting next to Representative King on the House Floor

Joel K. Briscoe

Representative Briscoe

District 24

Joel Briscoe serves as the representative for House District 24, representing the residents of Salt Lake County in the State Legislature since he began his tenure in 2010. Throughout his years in this role, Representative Briscoe has been an advocate for several critical issues, including education, environmental preservation, government transparency, and social justice.

One of his primary focuses as a legislator has been championing the cause of education. He has dedicated himself to ensuring that schools have a strong voice in the legislative process and has actively worked towards securing increased funding for educational needs, including improved teacher salaries. Additionally, Representative Briscoe has consistently emphasized the significance of alternative clean energy sources and the preservation of the Great Salt Lake environment. He proudly sponsored legislation aimed at reducing pollution in the area and continues to engage in discussions concerning the implementation of free public transportation in Utah. Such a move not only contributes to reducing pollution but also enhances mobility options for residents.

Representative Briscoe’s connection to House District 24 runs deep, as he and his wife, Christine, have been residents of the district for over three decades. His background as an English and civics teacher for more than 20 years has allowed him to instill the values and responsibilities of citizenship in his students. In addition to his educational career, Representative Briscoe has been an active community leader and has served the district for 15 years. This includes founding the Douglas Neighborhood Association, chairing the East Central Community Council, and fostering consensus as the president of the Salt Lake City school board. Through these roles, he has consistently demonstrated his commitment to the well-being and progress of his constituents.


  • Economic Development and Workforce Services Interim Committee

  • House Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee

  • House Revenue and Taxation Committee

  • Legislative Process Committee

  • Legislative Water Development Commission

  • Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee

  • Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Interim Committee


HB0021 - Open and Public Meetings Act Amendments

HB0100 - Beer Order and Delivery Amendments

HB0260 - Property Tax Income Requirements

HB0286 Great Salt Lake Funding Modifications

HB0452 - Municipality Voting Amendments

HB0480 - Child Tax Credit Amendments

HB0514 - Fossil Fuels Tax Modifications

HJR028 - Joint Resolution Concerning Recycling

1124 E 600 S,

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